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About Me

Since entering the sound engineering industry in 1991, I've dedicated over three decades to perfecting the art of sonic mastery. With a rich portfolio spanning music recording, production, sequencing, and sample manipulation, I have established myself as a trusted name in the field. My particular expertise lies in live sound engineering, system setup, and alignment. Through these specialized skills, I ensure that every performance not only meets but exceeds auditory expectations.


Strawberry Studios

My music journey began in 1985 at Strawberry Recording Studios in Stockport, a charming town in northwest England. This thrilling opportunity launched my career as an assistant sound engineer. My thirst for knowledge propelled me to collaborate with esteemed producers on projects featuring iconic bands like The Smiths and Echo and the Bunnymen. While I dedicated one day a week to my electronics education at Salford University, most of my skills blossomed through hands-on experience in the control room. I continued to sit in on countless high-end sessions, learning the ropes from the studio's resident engineers: Martin Lawrence, Richard Scott, and co-founder Peter Tattersall. Hard work and dedication bore fruit within half a year, propelling me to engineer overnight sessions with local talents such as The Milltown Brothers, The Mock Turtles, and "The World of Twist." Notably, "The World of Twist" signed a recording contract with a major record label shortly after my initial demo sessions. As the late 1980s loomed, I immersed myself in pop projects alongside notable bands like Sisters Of Mercy, The Housemartins, and A Certain Ratio (all of which were UK Charting acts then). A pinnacle moment arrived when I contributed to the legendary "Bummed" album by The Happy Mondays, working closely under the guidance of Martin "Zero" Hannett. Our collaboration profoundly shaped my recording techniques, allowing me to capture performers’ raw and authentic essence with many unique microphone techniques and magnetic tape manipulation. Hannett's discerning eye for talent further influenced my journey, as he often discovered fantastic bands in intimate venues and nightclubs around the northwest of England. A particularly fruitful partnership blossomed as we joined forces on The High's debut album, "Somewhere Soon." This project marked a turning point in my career, leading to a crossroads decision. The band, impressed by our collaboration, extended a full-time position, prompting my departure from Strawberry Studios. The impending closure of Strawberry Studios solidified my choice, and the band's generous offer—a salary twenty times higher than my current earnings—made my decision an easy one. From 1991 onwards, I had the privilege of a fulfilling journey working with The High (and other bands), continually shaping my path in the dynamic realm of the live music industry. Live music was always a huge part of my life (even before I had landed a prized job at Strawberry Studios), but once I sank my teeth into the sound business, I was not going to be stopped, and I'm still hungry




In the early 1990s, I found myself in the exhilarating position of being asked to handle live sound mixing for the renowned electronic artist Moby. At that time, Moby was on a European tour as a support act for the sensational guitar-based techno band "Eskimos & Egypt" from Manchester, whom I had the privilege of mixing sound for. As I transitioned into working with Moby, my responsibilities encompassed meticulously setting up his equipment onstage, ensuring everything was primed and ready for each electrifying performance. Fortunately, his setup consisted of a minidisc player, a keyboard, and an Octopad drum pad, making the process a breeze.Over six months of touring the world, I honed my skills by flawlessly mixing Moby's shows. However, the journey was only beginning. Following his studio recording sessions for a forthcoming album, Moby embarked on another remarkable tour, accompanied by a drummer, percussionist, and backing singer. Together, we traversed the stages of Europe and the United States, igniting the hearts of countless music enthusiasts along the way.As fate would have it, Moby ventured into uncharted territory, embracing a more rock-oriented sound for his groundbreaking album titled "Animal Rights." This evolution provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to tour alongside acclaimed bands such as Soundgarden and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The experience was exceptional, granting me invaluable insights as I gleaned knowledge from the skilled sound engineers entrusted with mixing for these iconic acts. Among them, Dave Rat stood out as a luminary figure in the music industry, renowned for his work with RHCP, Pearl Jam, and numerous other prominent bands. Notably, Dave Rat was also the visionary CEO of Rat Sound, an avant-garde sound company at the forefront of innovation during that era.During the promotional period of the "Animal Rights" album tour, we encountered a formidable challenge. Moby's devoted fan base had come to expect his signature techno-driven shows, yet we were now delivering a spirited, punk-infused performance dominated by scorching guitars. Consequently, some fans found it difficult to adjust, and unfortunately, a portion of the audience left mid-performance. We persevered, determined to deliver an unforgettable show despite the obstacles. Remarkably, during the tour's culmination, the stage held more people than the dwindling crowd. Nevertheless, we remained resolute in providing an extraordinary performance, which is precisely what we achieved. This experience served as a profound lesson, emphasizing the importance of understanding and adapting to the audience's expectations while navigating the diverse realms of music genres.Following the triumphant culmination of the "Animal Rights" tour, I felt the desire to explore new opportunities, unaware of the extraordinary endeavors that awaited Moby on th



Live Music

In 1991, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the Mock Turtles, a band enjoying success on the UK charts with their hit song "Can You Dig It?" However, little did anyone know that this infectious track was initially overshadowed by another lackluster song they were recording called "Lay Me Down." In an unexpected turn of events, "Can You Dig It?" emerged as a throwaway tune buried on the B-side.While at Strawberry Studios, as we recorded "Can You Dig It?" with the Mock Turtles, we encountered a challenge with Martin Glynn Murray, the lead guitarist, and his solo. Martin had a reputation for playing aimless guitar solos that seemed to go on for hours. With drums, vocals, and various instruments already filling up our 24-track limit, we ran out of time and patience.Amidst the frustration, something peculiar happened. As Martin Glynn Murray continued shredding his guitar, Martin C (the frontman) and I was astonished at how off-key and off-beat his playing was—it was almost as if he was trying to channel the spirit of Jimi Hendrix but falling far short.We decided to take a break and visit the Waterloo pub for a pint or two. We were infused with a renewed sense of purpose when we returned to the studio. And that's when I stumbled upon something magical hidden within the chaotic guitar solo.Reviewing the recordings, I discovered a brief section that worked together. It was like finding a diamond in a pile of musical rubble. I knew I had to do something with it.That's when inspiration struck—I decided to utilize the AKAI S1000 sampler, which we had been using to trigger drum sounds, to capture this minor yet crucial section of the solo. By looping it repeatedly, I replaced the parts of the solo that weren't working. And to our delight, it worked like a charm.Reflecting on that particular day, it remains the only instance where I had to use the sampler to salvage a section of music. However, it was a game-changer and helped us create a hit song.​As I continued working in the music industry, particularly in live sound mixing for bands, I delved into enhancing the audience's listening experience. It required specialized technical knowledge, creativity, and a keen understanding of the art form. The opportunity to work closely with Moby, renowned for his unique dance-based creations, led me on a journey across Europe and the United States. Alongside Moby, I had the privilege of supporting other prominent bands, such as Soundgarden and Red Hot Chili Peppers, gaining valuable experience and learning from some of the best in the industry.As my confidence in live sound mixing grew, I began experimenting with various techniques to elevate the audience's engagement and immersion. Drawing inspiration from the recording studio techniques imparted by Martin Hannett, I discovered the power to shape the live music experience in innovative ways.One technique I learned from Dave Rat (sound engineer for RHCP and Pearl Jam) was signal separation and stereo imaging, which allowed me to spread the sound across the stereo picture. I could create a more expansive, detailed, and captivating sound by carefully panning different instruments or elements to specific locations within the stereo field.Continuing to work with Moby and collaborating with other renowned artists, my reputation for creating immersive and engaging live sound experiences grew. I became known for pushing the boundaries of what was possible in live sound mixing, utilizing innovative techniques that captivated audiences. As my reputation expanded, I received more invitations to work with esteemed

1998 - 2000


Working alongside Fluke was an awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that left an indelible mark on my career. Their monumental album, "Risotto," stood as a true masterpiece, and being a vital team member that brought their electrifying live show to audiences across North America was an immense honor. Prepare to be captivated as I recount the sheer magnificence of Fluke's performances.​When Fluke took the stage, time seemed to stand still. Their presence was nothing short of otherworldly, emanating a mesmerizing aura that enraptured audiences. The sheer energy they infused into every show was nothing short of transcendental. As I stepped into the role of mixing their sound, I embarked on an exhilarating sonic journey. Fluke's music possessed an unparalleled power, each note meticulously crafted to perfection, allowing me to push the limits of the sound systems we employed. I dared to explore uncharted sonic territories, sculpting an auditory landscape that left spectators breathless in its grandeur.​Yet, Fluke's brilliance transcended the confines of their music alone. They were genuine entertainers, and their music videos stood as vivid testaments to their creativity and global allure. Hailing from the shores of Britain, their artistry resonated with audiences worldwide, effortlessly traversing cultural boundaries. Moreover, their merchandise was a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence, bearing the mark of craftsmanship and quality.​However, what truly made working with Fluke an unparalleled joy was the perpetual sense of adventure that accompanied every performance. We selectively chose only the most extraordinary venues, ensuring each show became a unique and unforgettable experience. It was an unending cascade of euphoria and anticipation, a whirlwind of exhilaration that never ceased to amaze. In those moments, there was no place in the world I would have rather been.​Reflecting upon my journey with Fluke, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and wonder. Their music, artistry, and unrivaled exploration spirit have forever left an indomitable imprint on my soul. Working with Fluke was not just an occupation but an odyssey of relentless fun and excitement that transported me to unparalleled heights.


Moby "Play" and more...

In 1999, an unexpected call altered the course of my life, beckoning me to rejoin the esteemed Moby Team. The resounding global success of the legendary album "Play" marked a pivotal moment in Moby's musical journey as he set his sights on reaching new celestial heights. Eagerly, I embraced the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary voyage, knowing I was about to embark on a transformative odyssey. Little did I know that what awaited me would be an awe-inspiring world tour spanning 18 years, from 1999 to 2017—a period where my dedication to mixing Moby's shows consumed every facet of my existence.​Words fail to capture the immensity of the adventure that unfolded before me. Each day brought a flurry of activities as I meticulously reconfigured backing tracks for the live performances, collaborating with gifted musicians to ensure that the Moby show transcended the realm of mere spectacle and attained an ethereal state of flawlessness. The magnitude of our undertaking was matched only by the sheer passion that emanated from every team member, propelling us toward greatness.And oh, the places we traversed! Like wandering minstrels, we traveled the globe incessantly, relentlessly gracing stages from the luminous metropolis of New York to the exotic shores of Bali. We embarked on this great pilgrimage year after year, carrying the undeniable power of determination and pride. Audiences in every corner of the world were left spellbound, their senses ablaze with the enchantment of our sonic wizardry.​As the years unfolded, so too did the rapid evolution of technology. In tandem with the groundbreaking performances we delivered, I witnessed the transformation of the sound engineering landscape. Embracing the wave of progress, I transitioned from analog consoles to cutting-edge digital counterparts, expanding my knowledge and expertise in the vast realm of the music industry. This technological metamorphosis allowed me to explore uncharted territories, harnessing the boundless potential of digital platforms to sculpt an auditory experience that was nothing short of transcendent.The 18 years I spent as a member of the Moby Team stand as a testament to the remarkable chapters etched into the annals of my career. Unforgettable memories, indelible lessons, and immeasurable growth have become the building blocks that define my journey as a sound engineer. Being part of Moby's musical voyage and witnessing the world through the lens of sound is a privilege that will forever shape my artistic sensibilities. As the final curtain fell on this chapter of my career, I emerged from the journey not just as a skilled craftsman but as a soul irrevocably transformed by the ethereal power of live music.



Following my successful collaboration with Moby, I was personally selected by his manager, Eric Harle, to work with two other bands under his wing. The first band was none other than Robyn, the pop goddess from Stockholm, Sweden. We began working together during the promotion of her eponymous second album and 2 Body Talk albums. As we toured America and Europe, I was constantly blown away by her talent, energy, and stage presence.One particular highlight was when we toured alongside the legendary Madonna on her Sticky and Sweet Tour across Europe. This experience opened my eyes to the immense investment that goes into large-scale productions. Live Nation had invested millions of dollars on three identical stages, either being used, set up, or shipped to the next show. Witnessing the sheer scale of the operation was awe-inspiring.Even when a fire in the tunnel blocked the Eurotunnel, the production manager didn't let it stop the show. Instead, he booked two Cargo 747s to fly the most crucial equipment from London to Paris, France, and brought in new drivers to take over from the initial drivers who were now out of hours. The 40+ trucks then traveled on the ferry from Dover to Calais to ensure the show went on.Despite Madonna's rigorous hour-long workout sessions with her 60+ dancers during Robyn's soundcheck time, it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in such a production. The entire experience taught me a great deal about professionalism, dedication, and hard work.  Royksopp ​After the success with Moby and Robyn, I was thrilled to take on yet another exciting opportunity with the Norwegian duo, Royksopp. Their music was a unique blend of electronica, pop, and ambient sounds, and they were constantly pushing the boundaries of sonic expectations. Working with Royksopp was a truly immersive experience. I was witness to some shows that were nothing short of sonic perfection, where every sound was carefully crafted and placed in the mix to create a seamless and captivating listening experience. I learned so much while mixing for them, particularly in terms of what is possible when given high-quality electronic sounds from the source. As we toured the world, Royksopp continued to leave audiences in awe with their incredible live show. It was a privilege to be a part of it all, and to see how their music and performance left such a lasting impression on audiences who had no idea how good the show was. I'm proud to have been a part of such an innovative and talented group.


Moving to America

The decision to uproot my life and settle in Baltimore was a daring leap of faith, guided by an unwavering belief in the boundless possibilities that awaited me. As I laid the foundation of my new existence on American soil, a potent blend of excitement and trepidation coursed through my veins, casting an intoxicating spell of anticipation. The unknown loomed before me, tantalizingly teasing with promises of grandeur and fulfillment.​Little did I know that the symphony of fate had orchestrated a tapestry far more extraordinary than my wildest imaginings. Though Maryland became my home for a decade, its essence seemed to recognize that my talents were destined to transcend the boundaries of state lines, resonating with audiences worldwide.​Like a sonic emissary, I embarked on a cosmic odyssey, weaving my magic across continents and enchanting audiences with the alchemy of sound. The names that graced my roster read like a litany of electronic music royalty - Avicii, the luminary whose euphoric melodies ignited souls and set hearts ablaze, and Alesso, the virtuoso who painted vibrant tapestries of sonic ecstasy. To stand amidst the swirling vortex of their electrifying performances, conducting a symphony of sonic perfection, was a testament to the heights my artistry had reached.​But my journey was an ever-evolving melody, shifting harmonies that led me to embrace a new realm of sonic exploration. In 2014, the celestial strands of destiny intertwined, uniting me with the legendary New Zealand band Crowded House. The air crackled with anticipation as I stepped into the realm of live musicians, venturing beyond electronic beats. The sheer artistry of their melodies was a revelation, and I felt humbled to be entrusted with channeling their ethereal sound, transcending borders, and bridging cultures as we embarked on a global sonic odyssey.​My path was not without its trials, for the life of a globetrotting sound engineer demanded sacrifices. The constant whirlwind of travel and the heart-wrenching distance from home tested the very core of my being. Yet, with every adversity encountered, I grew stronger, honing my skills and expanding my understanding of the intricate web that interconnects the music industry.​As I look back upon those transformative years, an effervescent sense of pride and gratitude permeates me. The countless hours spent on stages bathed in pulsating lights and the countless miles traversed in pursuit of sonic excellence coalesced to forge the foundation of my career and shape the essence of my very being. Each experience became a brushstroke upon the canvas of my life, painting a portrait of resilience, artistic prowess, and unwavering devotion to the craft that defines me.​The decision to embrace Baltimore as my home became an emblem of daring, a symbol of the unyielding spirit that propels me to push the boundaries of possibility. It was a chapter of my life brimming with audacity and exultation, a vivid testament to the resplendent rewards that await those willing to surrender to the symphony of life's grand orchestrations.

Statue of Liberty


X Ambassadors

In 2015, my life took an exciting turn when I received a phone call from X Ambassadors that would forever change the course of my career. Their undeniable musical brilliance drew me in, filling me with a sense of purpose and setting me on a path of remarkable experiences.​Mixing for X Ambassadors was an exhilarating journey into unexplored sonic territories, where innovation and boldness intertwined. The opportunity to work with a band that exuded such raw intensity was both thrilling and humbling. I had been captivated by their hits like "Renegades" and "Unsteady," and their entire repertoire showcased their boundless creativity and unwavering dedication to their craft. Standing beside these musical visionaries entrusted with shaping their sonic landscape was a true privilege.​Little did I know that fate had woven a tapestry of connections that would lead me to this momentous opportunity. Through the fortuitous alignment of paths, the manager of Ra Ra Riot, who also managed X Ambassadors, guided me to this incredible experience. It was a testament to the power of a vibrant network and the unexpected paths it can unveil within the music industry.​From the first show, as I took my place at the mixing console, I witnessed the electrifying spark of X Ambassadors' stage presence. Their performances were transcendent, enveloping the audience in a captivating embrace. The collective heartbeat of their devoted fans echoed in perfect harmony with their pulsating rhythm, a testament to their music's profound impact on listeners of all ages.​Having the opportunity to accompany X Ambassadors on their transformative journey, and witnessing their growth and acclaim, fills me with immeasurable gratitude. The stages we shared, from intimate venues to grand arenas, became sacred ground where we etched memories that will last a lifetime. Together, we crafted sonic landscapes that reverberated with triumph and camaraderie, embodying a sense of family united by a shared purpose—to ignite the hearts of audiences around the world.​As the curtains rise on the next chapter of our collective symphony, I feel a swelling anticipation within my heart. The journey with X Ambassadors has only just begun, and I stand ready, with unwavering dedication and an insatiable thirst for sonic exploration, to harness the transformative power of their music. Together, we will continue pushing the boundaries of possibility with every beat and melody, illuminating the world one electrifying performance at a time. It is a dream deeply woven into the fabric of my existence, and I eagerly await the infinite wonders that lie ahead.



New Order

In 2016, I received an invitation that sent waves of exhilaration through every fiber of my being. It was an invitation to rejoin forces with the legendary New Order. This band had become an inseparable thread woven into the tapestry of my professional life over several decades. Memories of the countless hours spent in the hallowed halls of Strawberry Studios, meticulously editing their iconic Technique album, and the unforgettable moments managing Hooky's studio during his groundbreaking collaboration with Dave Pots on the Monaco project, came rushing back to me like a tidal wave of nostalgia.​The mere thought of being in the presence of New Order once again filled me with a sense of awe and wonder. Their music had become the lifeblood of my journey, shaping my early days in the vibrant Manchester music scene and etching indelible memories from nights spent immersed in the pulsating energy of the legendary Hacienda nightclub. To have the opportunity to collaborate with such iconic pioneers of sound was nothing short of a dream come true, a testament to the enduring influence they had on my life and career.As the gigs with New Order unfolded, I immersed myself in a symphony of Electronic Splendor.  Each performance was an epic spectacle, radiating with electrifying energy that could only be summoned by a band of their caliber, whose talent and experience had been honed over years of musical mastery. From the infectious beats that reverberated through the crowd to the ethereal melodies that danced upon the air, every note was infused with a profound depth and resonance that spoke directly to the souls of their devoted fans. Working alongside New Order once again was a thrilling odyssey, an adventure that bridged the gap between past and present, forging a timeless connection that defied time constraints. They continued to be the lighthouse guiding my journey as a sound engineer, illuminating the path ahead with their unwavering commitment to sonic innovation and artistic excellence.​To stand in the presence of New Order, to witness their musical genius firsthand, was an indescribable honor. Their unwavering passion and creative vision remain a constant source of inspiration, propelling me forward on my artistic pilgrimage. The journey we shared, from the halcyon days of Manchester's musical renaissance to the present, has enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined.​Reflecting upon my time with New Order, I am filled with boundless gratitude for the privilege of being part of their sonic legacy.

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