I'd like to help Musicians become better connected to fellow musicians and also become better at promoting themselves. I would like to suggest a service I provide to drummers. it's a mixing service to rework recordings of their drumming skills, to help make their product shine. 


what I do is ask you (the drummer) what songs you'd like to play along to, or what style of music you would like to perform. I would then create drum-less versions of those songs which you would then play along to with the click-track which you should put into Garage-band, Logic Audio or Protools or other DAW of your choice. and then record yourself playing along to it. if you don't have that kind of Tech. just put on your headphones connected to your iPhone or iPod (or other mobile device) and play along to the track with a click-track embedded in the track and then record what you play on another device (computer or another phone). then send that recording back to me and I will sync that back up with the backing track (which I made for you) and mix it to include your amazing drumming performance. I will then send a 10-second mix of that back to you for approval. and then ask for you to transfer payment for my services. I charge $45 per song. If you are interested in this service and want me to start the process get in touch.

Drum Track Mixing and Backing-Track Creation.