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Yet another cancelled gig,

I have been trying to get work for months in my chosen field. I was booked to work with a Canadian band who all now live in Los Angeles CA. If any of you have been paying attention to my situation I have been struggling with unemployment and receiving unemployment benefit from CA EDD. California’s unemployment agency.

I am now homeless after running out of money and moving to CA to see if I can get work in the music Mecca which is Hollywood. So far I have applied for touring work with three bands/companies 2 of whiad to cancel tours because of Covid and 1 which I was recommended for by a friend and I was interviewed and was all set to go and spoke to the tour manager to ask fir an advance on wages because I couldn’t afford to travel to rehearsals And accommodate my self because of my current situation because of unemployment etc. I am struggling to stay off the streets and really hope something turns up. Any help would be much appreciated.

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