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REX File Recovery.

I have been at home reinstalling software on my computer after a huge system crash on my MacBook after I had installed the latest OS update.

So after I got back to a state of normality. I began recovering old drum loops and wonderful things called rex files which had been residing inside my old music production library. and I began bringing them back to life. solving any corruption or timing issues, finding, and irradicating Duplicates. (you'll always find duplicates)

I (as we all have) have had a lot of time on my hands and I've been putting it to good use. setting up a new service which helps drummers promote themselves by getting them to record themselves playing along to their favorite songs and then I take their recordings of them playing the song and correct timing issues and re-EQ and compress t the tracks I will even do a sound replacement job on them if they can supply multitrack recordings of themselves. then I mix the recording with the backing track that they played along to and send it back to them via dropbox So. I digress. I've been going through all of these Rex files. and found some Gold. and what I have found is that the groves on these gems need to be updated so I have begun to recreate all of the best loops faithfully so they sound fantastic and can be essentially royalty-free. so I'm going to go deep into the process of mastering and mixing these beats as close to the originals as possible. I have downloaded and subscribed to a piece of software called Toontrack EZDrummer, a fantastic piece of software! I've only bought a few of the kits that are available, and I must say that they sound fantastic and they are not too clumsy or too complex to use. the kits I have are varied enough and the mixing capabilities are vast. and I have been able to find snares and Kickdrums which are close enough to fool the well-trained ears of the rare groove music fan and could pass for the original loop. I'm going to continue working while watching CNN and the Georgia election results....

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