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Music making $$$

I have been mixing sound For 30+ years and have seen bands arrive, evolve, succeed, blossom, discover drugs, meet super models, get married, get divorced, scramble to keep it all together, fail, struggle with money and sanity, plough their successes into the ground and maybe (if they are smart) learn from their mistakes and try to do it all again without the stupidity.

I believe that I have seen all the crazy scenarios that could possibly happen in rock and roll, such as being inside a tour bus which has burst into flames in the middle of the night in a German parking lot at 6am and the Band exited the bus in the underwear and they lost everything they owned as the bus exploded into flames because the bus company didn’t have any fire extinguishers onboard and it was funnily enough the last journey that bus was taking before it was being retired. hmmm.

I have met some truly fantastic people along the way and I have also met some true geniuses such as Martin Hannett, Moby, Dave Grohl, Johnny Marr, and I have also met some people who believe they are, but are clearly not. I am no genius, but I have realized that when the chips are down, I can make money from the knowledge I have and skills which I have garnered from people I have Watched Work their Magic or musicians who I’ve had the fortune to witness create classic recordings. and make lots money by repeating the formula, again and again. I have wanted to be a success all my life and be able to relax for a moment and live on a tropical island in Paradise. But I have not been able to so, Yet, because I have failed to meet that certain special person who has the same musical alignment as I have and I Aim to Change that before I become homeless.

I live in America and moved here with dreams of succeeding and crating a business that is self sufficient. I got divorced in 2019 and I have been on recovery mode ever since. But I am looking for a new partner. Not a sexual one. But a musical one. Someone who can just write music an I can fill in the gaps and make us both Rich beyond belief.

Is there anyone who is interested?

I hope there is,

Here’s to the Future!

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