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Mixing Monitors For Jerry Cantrell

So. I’ve been quiet for a long time. The reason. Poverty and job searching. I’m sure you all have been dealing with similar problems. 2022 started off with cancelation after cancelation.

since early March I’ve been working with Jerry Cantrell (the guitarist and main writer in American Rock band Alice In Chains). Who have written some really interesting dark rock music.

im mixing monitors for Jerry and it’s the first time I’ve not mixed monitors for 7 years but returning to stage sound felt like an old jacket with tricks in the pocket I’d not used in years.

over the past 10 years I’ve been mostly mixing Front of house sound for New Order, Robyn, Royksopp and American band X Ambassadors. And mixing monitors need very different skills And knowledge. When mixing in ear monitors you are really messing with famous and talented musicians hearing. IEM’s project sound out of an acrylic mould of your inner ear and the multiple drivers inside can deliver very powerful sound levels millimeters away from the ear drum. Mixing IEM’s and Wedges together poses a set of issues. stage levels can be loud when using wedges and that effects the spill into microphones of people who are wearing IEM’s

I received a call from mike masters, who I had worked with X Ambassadors. Mike and I started our first Audio job of 2022 on the 6th of March. we have been in pre production rehearsals for the last week. We packed the truck on Sunday. the truck left for Vegas and we will meet it again on the 24th in Minneapolis. All our sound equipment was on that truck. We will have 9 loading crew and they will assist mike and I set up the two Avid S6L’s with an opto-core from stage to Front of house. I’ll be using McDSP life package and a selection of waves plugins. with D&B M2’s for Jerry and Rat sound triamped wedges for the rest of the band. 8 Shure PSM1000 IEM systems and Rational Acoustics Smaart.

if any of you would like to come see the show and talk about sound and check out what happens during a day of a live sound engineer. Get in touch and I’ll see if i am doing a show near you.

see you soon.


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