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Housing for Sound Engineers and Techs

I'm launching a budget-friendly hotel in Los Angeles specifically for self-employed touring sound engineers and techs. The hotel offers affordable private rooms for booking, and it's connected to a storage unit with 300+ small to large storage units. Also available is a studio complex with 30 control rooms, each having a dedicated vocal booth, along with a spacious shared recording area equipped with a Dante-based monitoring system for headphones and talkback system from each control room.


  • Private Room: $60/night, $400/week, $1500/month

  • Control Room: $5/hour, $25/day, $400/month

  • Large Recording Studio Space: $30/hour, $400/day (8am-2am), $5/mic

  • Storage Space: Tiny (4x4x4ft) - $50/month, Small (6x6x12ft) - $100/month, Medium (10x5x12ft) - $150/month, Large (10x10x12ft) - $200/month, 1 Car - $200/month

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