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Grumpy production staff

So, this business I'm in ("Live Music") is the best and most fun business to be in. I have been doing this for 30+ yearrs and have Loved 95% of my time spent traveling the globe putting on shows for excited fans. I love making the shows I do as good as possible and enjoying every aspect of doing so.

Now... I don't want to come across as being cynical or ungrateful for the position I hold, but recently I have encountered a growing number nasty, greedy and unhappy people in high up positions taking out their unhappiness on people below them. I'm growing more and more unhappy having to deal with these people who continually abuse my kindness and willingness to be helpful. Since 2022 I've experienced tour managers who just don't like having to help the crew in any way. Time off is a valuable commodity in touring but a job is a job and needs sometimes must be fulfilled even if you have a hangover or you just can't be bothered dealing with something your crew members need. Such as the location of a backstage shower. Grumpiness and the unwillingness to help is unforgivable in my opinion and makes me want to walk away from this business. My own happiness is worth more to me than having to deal with people with shitty attitudes.

I'm attempting to get a job in an area of this business where I don't have to deal with or have to accept the bad attitudes of shitty people. I'll walk next time I get a huff or a puff from an production manager after asking a reasonable request.

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