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Moving to live music.

    in 1991 I switched to mixing Live sound for the Mock Turtles Who were in the top 10 of the UK Charts with Can You Dig It? a song which I had played  a big part in the Creation of the track alongside front-man Martin Coogan (Brother of more successful Steve) I had been in the studio with the Turtles recording Lay me down which was a flimsy whimsy drifter which was good but was a bit lack lustre. and “can you dig it” was just a (quick bash it down) B-side, the trouble came when we tried to get MGM the Lead Guitarist to do perform a solo and he was renownd for hours and hours of incontinent drivel guitar solos and given that we only had 24 tracks and 22 of them had been used already for drums vocals rhythm guitars etc. so he had a go... and another, and another. and at one point Martin C and I were in stitches of laughter, curled up on the control room floor amazed at how off the mark he was. anyway after hours of hendrix-isms and a lot of crying with laughter we decided to stop and take a look at another option i.e. The Waterloo pub

We Came back after One or two and I had a look through the two solos we had captured and I came across this section in the solo that was surrounded by musical effluent but had 10 notes that made some sense, you all know the riff now, but I thought it would be good enough to capture in the sampler and repeat over and over the solo section. so I connected the sampler (which we had been using to play the drum sounds  from) to record the section of solo which we wanted captured the section and then played it over the whole solo and it worked! all the way through. That is the only time “that day” I used sampler to replace sections of music that weren’t right !

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