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Moby "PLAY" And Beyond.

In 1999, an unexpected call altered the course of my life, beckoning me to rejoin the esteemed Moby Team. The resounding global success of the legendary album "Play" marked a pivotal moment in Moby's musical journey as he set his sights on reaching new celestial heights. Eagerly, I embraced the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary voyage, knowing I was about to embark on a transformative odyssey. Little did I know that what awaited me would be an awe-inspiring world tour spanning 18 years, from 1999 to 2017—a period where my dedication to mixing Moby's shows consumed every facet of my existence.

Words fail to capture the immensity of the adventure that unfolded before me. Each day brought a flurry of activities as I meticulously reconfigured backing tracks for the live performances, collaborating with gifted musicians to ensure that the Moby show transcended the realm of mere spectacle and attained an ethereal state of flawlessness. The magnitude of our undertaking was matched only by the sheer passion that emanated from every team member, propelling us toward greatness.

And oh, the places we traversed! Like wandering minstrels, we traveled the globe incessantly, relentlessly gracing stages from the luminous metropolis of New York to the exotic shores of Bali. We embarked on this great pilgrimage year after year, carrying the undeniable power of determination and pride. Audiences in every corner of the world were left spellbound, their senses ablaze with the enchantment of our sonic wizardry.

As the years unfolded, so too did the rapid evolution of technology. In tandem with the groundbreaking performances we delivered, I witnessed the transformation of the sound engineering landscape. Embracing the wave of progress, I transitioned from analog consoles to cutting-edge digital counterparts, expanding my knowledge and expertise in the vast realm of the music industry. This technological metamorphosis allowed me to explore uncharted territories, harnessing the boundless potential of digital platforms to sculpt an auditory experience that was nothing short of transcendent.

The 18 years I spent as a member of the Moby Team stand as a testament to the remarkable chapters etched into the annals of my career. Unforgettable memories, indelible lessons, and immeasurable growth have become the building blocks that define my journey as a sound engineer.


Being part of Moby's musical voyage and witnessing the world through the lens of sound is a privilege that will forever shape my artistic sensibilities. As the final curtain fell on this chapter of my career, I emerged from the journey not just as a skilled craftsman but as a soul irrevocably transformed by the ethereal power of live music.

John Pennington Sound Engineering Services has been a trusted name in the industry since 1991. With over 33 years of experience, John has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sound engineering. His services range from music recording to production, sequencing, and sample manipulation. He specializes in live sound, system setup, and alignment, ensuring every performance is a sonic masterpiece. Whether you're a musician, producer, or event planner, John Pennington Sound Engineering Services can help take your sound to the next level. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, John Pennington is the sound engineer you can trust to make your music sound its best.
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John Pennington Has been a sound engineer for 34 years, bringing the techniques he learned within the recording studio to the "Live Music" scene to create effects that no one had heard before. 

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